Me and my trusty Shadow  at the 'Recorders' exhibition in Sydney today

Today is Friday the 30th December. I cannot beleive tomorrow is New Years Eve!

Had a fantastic day today. One of those days when you don't plan anything but you end up having an unexpected adventure. I drove to my friend's new place in the city this morning. A lovely journey in the sunshine towards the leafy streets of Paddington. We caught up over Greek yoghurt and blueberries before heading to The Rocks to visit the Recorders exhibition. Created by a Mexican-born artist, it is a mix between interactive art and technology. It was fun and free (ding ding ding) so if you're into your art and/or tech then it's well worth checking out before it closes in Feb.

After that we meandered up to the Lowenbrau and shot the breeze over a blonde beer and lunch in the sunshine. We walked off lunch with a wander around the higgeldy-piggeldy lanes and little shops that form The Rocks. Somehow we found ourselves in a hat shop, dispensing and receiving styling advice from an elderly shopper, to the bemusement of the gentleman shop owner. I finished off handing over thirty dollars as he snipped the tag from my new hat, even as it was perched atop my head. Talk about an impulse purchase! Shortly afterwards I was lured into a book shop. Quite seriously I should just learn to either stay outside or shut my eyes, because I am not good at resisting the charms of a new tome, full of new information that I convince myself I cannot go on living without. In any case, I walked away with TWO presents today.

Fortunately, my New Years plans will afford me a very decent chunk of time in which to get stuck into a book. The lead up to New Years can often be fraught with indecision and anxiety for me  safe to say it's not my favourite "holiday", as the Americanos would say. This year I am deviating from the usual and will be having a mother-daughter day and night, watching the Sydney fireworks from our (hopefully awesome) vantage point at Mrs Macquaries Chair. I hope it's a big bloody chair. The last time I watched NYE fireworks in the city would have easily been 12+ years ago. It's definitely going to be a very long and possibly hot day out there, but we have our backpacks full of snacks and cards and mags and books, and I'm sure it'll be a great little experience to file in the NYE bank.

Happy New Years Eve Eve... have fun, whatever you're doing <3

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