If you're searching for a Christmas gift for a special girl in your life, I would like to introduce you to the Slinky range by Peter Alexander.

A couple of years ago I acquired a summer dressing gown from the 'Slinky' range, and have never looked back. The material is a polyester/elastine blend and has the softest and coolest feel, which is especially amazing straight after a refreshing shower. This is one piece of clothing that I truly love, so I'm very much excited about giving my Mum the '50s Fruity Slinky' this Christmas, which you can see in my Obsessive Peter Compilation below. If you fancy getting in someone's good books this Christmas, get her a Slinky. And then get YOU a Slinky, too (or, you know, a fetching man robe). <3

from top left: peter alexander.combutterfly slinky, nanna chic 2011 catalogue, 50s shorts and gloves, 50s fruit slinky, floral pj set, runway 2007magical forest winter 2011 catalogue

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