I picked up this Rag Rug a year ago from a reject shop for one buck. Since then I have noticed them popping up here there and everywhere. I'm besotted with Rag Rugs because my Nanna and Poppy had one in their house in Grafton, so the very texture of a rag rug beneath my tootsies brings back childhood memories of their bathroom, with its apple green interior, big tub, old washstand and the scent of oatmeal soap and shaving foam. After a day of playful adventures there was nothing better than a splash in the tub with a sprinkle of Nanna's special bath salts, and afterwards to land your fresh little toes on the soft rug. It's funny, those seemingly insignificant things you remember.

I haven't used mine yet but hopefully one day I'll have a space that it will suit, just so. Meanwhile here's a little rag rug inspiration from Interiors Porn.

There are plenty of Rag Rugs for sale on Etsy...

But I really think I might like to try making one myself

Waaaaaaah. She lost me at "make your slip knot and chain 6 and then form a circle with the chain by making a slip stitch into your first chain."
Say the what now?
If I'm really going to make a Rag Rug, I will have to make an appointment with my Nanna and ask her to show me the way around a crochet hook. Until then, I'm sitting pretty with my one buck bargain.

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