This morning I watched Super Size Me for the first time. Yes, I know I'm a bit behind the eight ball with this one, but having only recently been taught the ins and outs of torrents, seeds and leechers (impressed... no?), I have been catching up on filems; those which I was interested in, but not interested enough to pay $17 to see.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this docco but was a little troubled that it didn't have the anticipated affect. I expected to be disgusted and to never want to touch the stuff, ever again, to be reformed and purified, Eat-Pray-Love style. Not so much... whilst it did leave me with a feeling of disgust, and fear, that was coupled with an unsettling craving for a cheeseburger and fries.

I think I liked the idea of a Last Supper. To rid myself of this ridonculous idea and piss-poor excuse for acquiring a Happy Meal, I took myself for a good hour-long bushwalk and contemplated the amazing fresh berry and yoghurt smoothie I was going to make for lunch. My bottom and thighs were particularly excited with this notion. Unfortunately, the bag of fried potatoes I later came home with bore little resemblance to a punnet of strawberries. Whilst I realised at that moment I may possibly have a problem, I was actually pleased, nay, absolutely thrilled, to report that the small cheeseburger meal tasted like absolute tip and I only wished it were a fresh, delicious and nutritious fresh berry smoothie.

In summary, I think that Super Size Me did have the intended affect, there was just a little time delay, wherein the totally unimpressive meal was able to seal the deal. Having failed to impress me today (Edit: Shivers... I think I quoted MasterChef without even realising... add that to the list of problems, please] I think  me and the triglycerides (word of the day, Wiki it) will be parting ways. It's time I fossicked me some berries*.
*Berry-fossicking fail. Please try again.

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