Every so often I need to drift back in time and settle into a good ol’ wholesome kids' show. The mood struck this weekend and I decided to give the 2010 movie adaptation of Yogi Bear a try. I really wasn’t expecting much at all, but was so pleasantly surprised! I watched this one alone, and I still LOLLED on more than one occasion, and that’s the best indicator of all. At the end of the day it is a kids' movie - I don’t think it pretends to be as sophisticated as some of your other Disney/Pixar films – it’s just plain, simple fun.

My only real gripe: Ranger Smith’s tannage. Ranger Smith wasn't uber tanned in the original, so I'm not sure what happened here, but it appeared as though the actor was dipped into a vat of fake tan before shooting.

Favourite bits: Yogi’s fashion sense, the flying pic-a-nic-basket napper, and the endangered turtle-frog.

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