I went on a date today with my mum and dad to see Bridesmaids, after several friends had recommended it. I freaking loved it! Lots of laughs and great characters, and plenty of bite-your-lips-to-keep-from-crying-and-looking-stupid moments, too.

Obviously more a movie for the ladies to relate to, but with more than enough grose bits to entertain the boys, should you have one tagging along to the cinema. It is made all the more special for the girls with the casting of Officer Nathan Rhodes. I don't know if it was his accent, or the uniform...  no, it was his personality hands down. Naaw, vom. And his habit of sharing carrots. Embarrassing character crush. I have no shame.

Can't wait to "buy it on DVD"!

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  1. love himmm. he was so lovely - getting all the ingredients together! he's in the IT crowd too :)