When I was a little girl there were a few animated children's movies that scared the bejesus out of my sensitive little self. In particular, the parts of The Little Mermaid featuring Ursula, or even just any scene with rough and stormy seas - very scary. Do not even get me started on Beauty and the Beast - the bit where Belle's dad and the horse are lost in the woods, and the bit where the Beast loses his temper on Belle's first night in the castle?! Not exaggerating when I say it was the stuff of nightmares.

I downloaded (by downloaded, of course I mean, I ... purchased, with money) Rango last weekend when I was in one of my animated movie moods. I speak of frightening animated movies because this was the most scary I've seen, despite having been in double digits for some time now. I watched this on a laptop - if I'd watched it as a child, on a giant screen, I'd most likely have become a cute little mute (just because, mental disorders are probably cuter when you're a child).

Besides the scare-factor, I actually struggled to get through this; in fact I had to watch it in three sittings and was pleased when it was over. Which is pretty much a fail in my books! There were a few giggle moments at the beginning and the animation and cinematography were obviously very clever. The movie has been critically acclaimed, ra ra ra, but I'm not a Box Office, and it wasn't my cup of tea. If you're into your animation and you're not made of cotton wool, which at times I suspect I may be, then perhaps the little green lizard might be to your liking.

What definitely was to my liking though - Rango and his Hawaiian shirt. Reminded me of Hawkeye Peirce.

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