Herein lies my first attempt at a children's birthday cake - made for my brother on his 29th birthday! I was pretty pleased with Gerry, with the exception of his massive box-face implant, which could have been fixed with a little thicker icing.

We have fond memories of Mum making all sorts of crazy birthday cakes when we were little. Little Miss Muffet, a big pink elephant, a jewelery box and, of course, the dolly-in-a-cake dress, were all among my favourites. For my brother - robot and computer cakes were a common theme. Mum always did a wonderful job, but I distinctly remember you were not allowed in the kitchen whilst the cake assembly was taking place, as this was a very tense time indeed.

With the appearance of Gerald Giraffe I hope to have ignited a new trend in Ryan-family birthday cakes. I don't know how it will catch on, but with my own birthday coming up soon I did give my mum a few hints whilst we were looking through the party cake books - e.g. "I want that bunny one for my birthday". Subtle, but hopefullly effective. If I get just a circle I will be one disappointed party girl.

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