Ticket to Ride

Alright so personally, I am currently without bike. It's a sad time, yes, but one I intend to remedy. Because today I was thinking nostalgically about the time -I think I was about 4- I rode around our coldesac one afternoon on my little pink plastic bike, collecting the neighbours' mail (by plucking it out of their letterboxes). I was playing postman and let me tell you you it was a great game - one that's been seared into my memory, perhaps because I could not read at the time and redistributed the mail according to my own personal preferences, paying no mind to the actual intended recipients who were mere hindrances to an otherwise wonderful game.

So there's a picture of a bike up there and it happens to be green. I don't need to talk to you about bikes. Ok just quick. They burn your cupcakes and they don't generate CO2. They're a good investment and an easy way to fit a workout into your day. But most importantly, and I do mean most importantly, they make you look hott, especially if you have a Stack Hat like this beauty.

And then there's The Goodies...
I rest my case.

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  1. when i eventually move out of home, owen has promised he'll buy me a cute retro, red bike and i intend to hold him to it!
    it will look way cooler than my unicorn bike with glitter handles, although hard to beat.
    my one problem? im not sure i still know how to ride!