...actually Kermit...we beg to differ...

A shout out to my home girl Em, who brings us today's blog from her haven at A girl called E! Oh I do love a good green recruit, especially ones who don't take nonsense from scrawny, misguided frogs!

--< Alex

Kermit was wrong, it is easy being green

I'm guilty, as I'm sure many of us are, of not always making the greenest decisions. Sure I tryyy and recycle - that's the thing with paper right..? Joking, joking - I really do try, but maybe not consciously enough.

There seems to be a wide spread belief that climate change is so big that surely our own minute actions can't really make that much of a difference. WRONG! Alex over at Head, Heart and Hands can set you straight on this. Sometimes it's as simple as switching off a light when you leave a room (or turning off that naughty electric blanket...) or hanging onto that copy of mX to throw in your own recycling bin.

And sometimes being green is fun too and involves shopping... which is more my field of expertise. If you head over to Head, Heart and Hands you'll learn why it's so good to get a decent refillable drink bottle... but why on earth not make it a really cute one like this baby from BioMe?

Better still, flaunt your style and environmental conscience at the supermarket by grabbing a set of these re-usable shopping bags in Flora from Todae. They're practical and fun, all the while saving landfill from a couple of nasty plastic bags each time you visit Woolies.

And for those of you with no room to swing a cat, let alone plant a herb garden - pocket gardens from Todae! Not only will it help spice up your culinary skills, it also brings a little bit of outside inside. And it's a pretty cute gift, no?

See, even the most fickle of us can do something green.

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