Don't leave a light on for me

By turning appliances off at the powerpoint rather than leaving them on standby, you can reduce your current energy use in your home by an average of 12% (that's 12% off the bill, too).

Leave no switch unflicked! Think lamps, white goods, TVs, computers, mobile chargers, heaters, washing machines, microwaves, phone chargers, modems, etc.

If you have easy access to the point and it's not in use, FLICK IT OFF! On that note, beware of 'overcharging' - there's no need to have your laptop or telephone handsets on permanent charge.

This is one of the simplest ways we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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  1. ahh i need to do this!! im so lazy when it comes to turning things off and it's really not hard to do. just gotta make it a habit i guess

  2. Lots and lots of people are guilty of that one. It's funny because it's the easiest, easiest thing to change. That's the great thing about it though! And you're right - it's just about getting into a habit until it's second nature =)