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There is so much CO2 production tied up in the production of bottled water. How bad is it.

Added to that, most of the bottles don't make it to the recycling stage because they're disposed of in places where there's no recycling facilities. Even then - there's a huge amount of energy tied up in the recycling process itself. I think we're all guilty of forgetting about that part - although recycling is good, it's better to just use less in the first place.

Next to turning off light switches, this is one of the easiest actions you can take to reduce your grubby footprint. Do it!

[In case you have not been to a shop in 10 years & have no clue where to source a drink bottle, here's a plug for Howard's Storage World. Good ol' Howard. I picked myself up a futuristic-looking metallic drink bottle & would reccommend you go check out those bad boys at a store near you.]


  1. I totally agree. I always refill my water bottle, it's by no means a hard thing to do.

    What's the verdict on coffee cups from cafes etc? Cos I'm still guilty on that front...planning to remedy that though..

  2. Was thinking about this the other day!

    For the coffee addicts:

    1) If you can dine in, dine in and use a cup
    2) If you're making coffee at work, bring in your own mug
    3) If you buy your coffee, make sure it's in cardboard not foam. Rinse it out and recycle it. Sometimes workplaces don't let you recycle cups though. When we worked at Telstra I got my team to recycle our coffee cups because we had recycling stations in the kitchen

    It would be cool if coffee shops could introduce some kind of lend-a-mug scheme for their everyday customers wouldn't it? Take a mug/thermal mug, bring it back the next day and grab another, etc. Difficult to implement though because it might not seem cost-effective.

    I know!! Raise the price of a paper cup so that it's cheaper to buy a mug. Haha.

    I would say if you're an addict, try to cut back and make your coffee at work and use a mug. Do that even twice a week and you'd save at least 100 cups a year.

  3. Ooh! Ooh! I have a solution! Keep A Cup!
    They are such a good idea for coffee addicts, and very cute to boot!
    At TEN we're trying to be a "green" station so we can take our own mugs to the coffee store, and if not we can recycle pretty much EVERYTHING.

  4. Ahhh!!! Thanks Em, you're the best! This will have to be a feature. Not quite purdy enough for 'E' but will fit right in here!! hehe.