A little eco-naughtiness of a Sunday morn. But come on, if must drive, must drive one of these ...my next car.


The LS 600h L is certified as a Super Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle. That's all I need to know. That...and that it can go from 0-60 in 5.4 seconds from a 438 horsepower V8 gas/hybrid motor.

That's a lot of horses.

Anywho... *slap slap*, where did I put that bicycle again...!?

Lexus Hybrid 09 > go to website

Thanks to StyleCrave for the pic.

Thanks to my pal Sharpy (Sharpy of Lexus) for always leaving me thinking about cars.


  1. I've wanted the Lexus RXHybrid10 for a while now... I wonder if they'll bring it out in gas too. Hmmm... come on scratchies!

  2. Yes! I did glance at this one this morning but decided to put it out to the Universe that I'd really rather prefer the LS. hehe. Everytime I go riding in nice cars (nicer cars than Vinnie, lovely & charming as he is, he is like... well if he were human, he would be a dear 78 year old man with a powder blue polyester vested suit + cane) I decide I need to earn lotsa money. Can be a bit of a challenge in the world of non-technical environmental careers...and isn't exactly conducive to a life of sufficiency... but...we do neeeeeed a car sometimes don't we... whatever, come on Universe, make it happen!! P.S.Good morning! x =)