Earth Greetings

I recently came across these delightful greeting cards from Australian company,  Earth Greetings. If Mother Nature were going to send you a card, I'm pretty sure it'd be one of these lovelies. All products are made from 100% post-consumer waste using vegetable-based inks (as opposed to greenhouse-gas emitting mineral oils).

Earth Greetings use chlorine-free paper for all their products, including this beautiful rustic wrapping paper. The products are produced at environmentally-friendly mills that capture waste plus the packaging is made from 100% recycled materials!  Phew! Oh, and did I mention that Earth Greetings offset the CO2 from the production process by planting trees? Yeah, they're pretty much perfect.

With the festive season approaching, Earth Greetings has a range of Christmas cards and wrapping paper in stock.  If you're not so much with the whole card writing deal, you could always opt for these swing tags - less space to fill and an attractive way to spruce up a package!

Although you can't order  from the site,  you can contact the company to find a nearby stockist or purchase online from the sites below.


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