Council's Greenweb program, which is part of a Sydney-wide strategy (Green Web Sydney) aims to protect and enhance the Shire's native plant and animal populations by identifying key areas of bushland habitat and establishing corridors to connect them. These corridors make it easier for the movement of both plants and animals which is essential to maintain healthy populations and diversity.

How can you be involved?

If you live in a place that backs alongside the bush or a waterway, a GreenWeb officer can visit your house and tell you about the types of natives that you can plant in your yard and any plants which you should probably remove. This is because some non-native plants can spread into the bush by way of wind, seeds and animals eating the plants. If you live along the water it's SO important that you don't let the wrong things get down into the waterways as some plants become rapid growing weeds in the river and can overtake the river system - they squash the native plants that the little fish eat, the little fish die and then the bigger fish have nothing to eat, and so on.

A couple of years ago I had a GreenWeb officer visit my parents' house and we were given a voucher for 25 native plants. I then coerced several family members into helping me plant them. It was great fun! And now we have a thriving array of natives which are a super happy following last week's TLC via our worm-laden, home-made compost.

SO, if you live in Sydney, visit GreenWeb to enquire about having an officer visit your house ;)

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