Last night we went to an at-home trivia night (such fun!) and this presented as the perfect opportunity to make these little bad boys. We had hamburgers for dinner, and hamburgers for dessert. These could be a great treat for any Father's Day luncheons you may be attending tomorrow!

This was my first attempt at hamburger cupcakes. They were a lot of fun to make - much Heston. There's definitely room for improvement so I'll be making them again but with a few tips and tricks up my sleeve. Here are my tips for you and me both:

- I used packet cake mixes to save time and sanity

- Use a few drops of yellow food colouring in the buttercake

- Tip for next time: make the icing much firmer, and put the cheese on the bottom layer to prevent seepage

- Amazing tip: use plastic zip lock bags with the corners snipped off for the icing (I can't believe I have never done this!)

- Tip for next time: bake the cupcakes without patty cases, so they don't have the crinkles from the wrappers

This is my kind of burger flipping!

Mustard and Ketchup <3

I'll just shoot myself in the foot now and leave you with a picture from Glorious Treats, so you can see what they're supposed to look like. Next time, Gadget!


  1. this is a very clever recipe/idea, the hamburger cupcakes look very realistic!

  2. Thanks! There's room for improvement but I was pretty happy for the first go! x