Good morning and happy Monday! I started off my day with an early morning walk down to the beach. I made sure to take off my shoes, roll up my cuffs and sit on the sand for a few minutes, getting grounded and refreshed for the day and week ahead. Being very busy at the moment with a to-do list a mile long, (it's mostly exciting) I need to remind myself to regularly get back to nature and take a few moments to Just. Breathe. It's pretty amazing how restorative that simple action can be.

Before I left the sand I walked down to the shore and let the waves lap over my feet. It was fresh. Not quite ready for a dip. I thieved a stone from the beach - it was calling my name - I think it shall be a paperweight for the daily mail. I also thieved the pink geranium from the rock wall garden. Thank you, North Gong beach.

And then I thieved some azalea and jasmine on the way home. Our little flat is full of flowers and sprigs of this and that at the moment. Maybe I have Floral Kleptomania? I think it runs in the family. My Mum has always kept a beautiful garden and whenever I visit home (when I tell her I'm coming, she asks me if I'd like to make a reservation for a Garden View room at The Inn) she always has a vase of freshly picked flowers on my bedside table.

One of my missions at the moment is to sort through my epic collection of photos on my laptop - they are in dire need of categorising, culling and also printing! Yesterday I found these photos of my Mum and nieces from Summer 2012 when we took a wander through the garden. I am biased, but I'm positive they are crazy cute. <3

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