This evening marks the beginning of the four-day easter weekend - hurrah! I've been doing a spot of baking for Good Friday lunch... cupcakes made with full cream milk and dreamy Tasmanian butter. And sugar. Not so healthy. Especially when I am a day overdue with my Week 6 IQS blog. My bad. Anyway... I'm excited about my decorating session in the morning! There is fairy floss. And there are speckled eggs!

Tonight I got thoroughly drenched on the way from the station to my car. But you know what? I didn't care, because it's the long weekend. I was actually running/doing this weird shuffle thing halfway between running and trying not to slide over, with my knitted cardi on my head, and laughing. If you can't entertain yourself then what hope do you really have, hey?! Well, that's what I keep telling myself, when I find myself having a solitary giggle sesh.

Slowly coming round to the point... one of my favourite blogs is Bleubird Vintage, and sometime ago she posted a blog with some pics from a farmhouse. These visions have stuck firmly in my head, and I had to trawl back to May 2011 (YES!) to find them. I'm going to gratefully borrow (sans official permission) and post them below, with a link back to the post in question. So what is it about these scenes... I just love them. They feel like freedom, and chilly mornings with farmhouse and fireplaces and goats and meadow picnics.

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