These are vanilla buttercakes with vienna cream frosting. My ingenious vision was to use fairy floss as nests for a candy-shell egg. The photo shoot was coming along very nicely, until the fairy floss started to shrivel and disintegrate! Total MKR disaster scenario!

Soooo, yeah. I must caution you against using le fairy floss.

The cupcake paramedics appeared (oh hey, Mama Ryan) and suggested crumbling up some easter eggs in place of the floss. Good save.

Mama Ryan was working in the kitchen at the same time, making some deconstructed lemon meringue pies. She had a lot of leftover biscuit dough, so of course the next natural step was for her to fashion it into a baseball. We started playing throw and catch... she threw a curve ball and the floorboards got pastried! Haha, pretty Good Friday so far. 

Happy Easter! x

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