What good is a fancy window frame without a set of fancy curtains?

On Saturday morning we met at Spotlight to find some material befitting to the girls’ apartment.

We chose this bright and dainty paisley print to contrast against the pink and white:

Last week there was a slight issue with the placement of the frame on the wall:

As I politely pointed out, we are not dealing with giraffes – though I’d not be apposed to a pet giraffe if you’re offering – but rather girls, and teeny tiny ones at that. And so out came the screws and down came the frame. = )

We lowered the window to its new position and I traced the inside of the frame with pencil onto the wall, in readiness to paint a some sky.

I used acrylic paints diluted with a little water.

Sunday morning...

I was up freakishly early for a Sunday (6.30am... ridiculous). After ducking out for croissants I returned home and slapped on a second coat of blue sky. My mum is a bit of a whiz on the ol' sewing machine and was already at work on the curtains, which still need to be hemmed. So here's where things are at right now:

Meanwhile, inside the house... the Sylvanian Families are gonna have to have a little clean up before the girls come over.

I bags being decorator.

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