Today is le Fathers Day. And a lovely day it has been. Here's a recap on the situation, so far.

 Here's a sweet-as picture of the dad in my life. Alright, so this was taken circa 1987, but I do like to dig it out as often as possible, for comedic purposes.

And here is a picture of my brother, Dad, and I, back in the good ol' days, when all dads had big fat silly mustaches.

Dads can be tricky to buy for sometimes. When I'm not sure what to get I usually throw together a little package of bits and pieces. 1) It's fun to shop for and put together 2) I hope it's fun to get - like a personalised showbag type thing. For anyone who knows my Dad, as you can see, this package has definitely been tailored specifically for him. I'm not a super-crass daughter; but I have a bit of a crass (but otherwise valuable) parent, hahaha.

The mama-figure had to work today, so Dad and I shot off for a father-daughter breakfast, which was just lovely. Dad gets his morning coffee from this place every morning before work, so even though every table was occupied and the only remaining one was reserved, the owner referred to my Dad as VIP and proceeded to un-reserve the reserved table, which we found very amusing, but didn't argue! This is clearly a photo of a pot of tea. I was far too busy with my bacon and eggs to stop to take a photo of that.

Tonight we're heading to my brother's house for more celebrating (and more eating, arrrrrgh), and I was charged with bringing something easy and tasty. When it comes to DE-LICIOUS and easy, it's hard to beat chocolate-dipped strawberries. Yum, yum.

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler. Put only about an inch of water in the bottom saucepan, because if you get even a tiny splash of water in the chocolate it will seize and go all grainy and spazzo.

Once the chocolate is melted, keep your little pot rested in the bigger pot, so the chocolate stays smooth and melty.

I made some chocolate penguins with the leftover chocolate (so the 1kg block might have been a bit ambitious). The Yogo Gorilla Mix was purchased for my fussy 29 year old sibling who would probably not touch a chocolate-coated strawberry with a barge pole.

Mmmmm =) Happy, and time to go!

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