Things are getting rather fancy in Char and Izzy's apartment.

The weird pile of bricks in the corner has been closed off, and skirting boards (ooh la la) have been added.

The ceiling has been primed and skirted.

We wanted to put in a faux window, so we asked Dad's cousin the carpenter to knock up a frame. We were literally expecting four pieces of 4 by 2 knocked together, but instead, he knocked our socks off by turned up with this elegantly carved fancy-shmacny bevel-edged window frame, with a freaking window sill! Here my Dad (sporting a lovely matching tracksuit) is painting it a nice crisp white.

If my own childhood is anything to go by, all little girls love drawing on chalk boards. I thought it would be cool to include one in their cubby so we screwed a rectangle of Masonite to the back of the door, and transformed it with a lick of blackboard paint.

So this is where things are at the moment. Just between you an me, I need to have a quiet word with the chief tradesman because the window has been screwed on too high, in my opinion. My Dad is 6"6, so his perception might be a little skewed. Being that the tallest occupant is less than 3 feet tall, some adjustments are definitely in order. I mean, how is a girl supposed to decorate her window sill if she can't even reach it? I'll let you know how I get on.

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