I have a crush on this staircase. They would be a sheer delight to scale and descend, and I want to make them mine!

It's been a little while between posts. I checked my stats and was surprised at the 564 page views in the past month. Blimey! Must be all those pics I've stolen off the net.

Some deceptively warm weather arrived here in Sydney about a week or two ago, with a very warm night that caused me to gleefully pitch my polka-dot flanno pants to the wayside. Unfortunately this past week had morphed back into chilly winter territory, and I had to search for those discarded PJ pants. The weather is fluffing around, but from now on I'll be carrying on like it's Balmy Town.

Speaking of balmy things, last month I was meant to go on a snow trip with my brother, sister-in-law and two little nieces, but they caught a communal head-cold so I booked a train ticket and headed up to stay with my relos in Grafton instead. It was a such a lovely trip. Here are some pics, which included our remake of the Melon Sago we had at Yum Cha in Sydney back in August.

My ever-trusty travel companion.
Fufu hails from London and has traveled to the likes of Greece, Bali, and now - Grafton.

10 exhilarating hours of cattle-spotting.

We made rice paper rolls and devoured them by the pool.

We had a punt at the Grafton track.

We had a full-blown Better Homes & Gardens session! Steff making her mosaic mirror creation for Mark.

Watch where you're pointing that glue gun 'ey missy.

My handywork.

Juicy melon balling.

Precarious (unskilled! clueless!) sago cooking. What is sago anyway?!

Apparently an Australian classic...

Nope, still no clue! It looks like the stuff on the box, that'll do!

Five bowls of super super sweet sago. Mission successfully accomplished, even if we did kind of have to say so ourselves. ;) x


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