I was driving home from work on Friday afternoon when I realised that I had left my phone in my desk drawer. Panic arose as I pulled on the handbrake and performed some Cirque du Soleil-style contortions to find it, with no luck. But come Saturday morning I had embraced my new free-spirit-who-is-above-material-things mentality, and I have to say that a weekend without checking my phone to see who loves me, has been very nice.

The highlight of the weekend was a relaxed BBQ at my brother's house today, where tasty steaks, Mexican pizzas, a summer fruit platter and delicious cranberry champagne cocktails were consumed in the spring sunshine. I played 'cardboard aeroplanes' with my niece Charlotte, which involved Charlotte "boarding" the cardboard box, me closing the box/plane and tipping it up and down. A Home Brand flight simulator, if you will. The airline was going great guns until I decided to board the aircraft myself, and my own father crept up behind the box to tip me backwards. It was all very tragic as the fuselage ripped in two, and that was the end of that. Air Crash Investigations is currently questioning witnesses.

The other exciting news of the day - Miss Charlotte officially started potty training so I brought her a little goody bag to get her excited about undies. She loved her new little knickers and even offered me a pair. Mmmhmm, size 2-3 girls, that's me! Oh Charlotte, flattery will get you EVERYWHERE. She's a smart one!

*Sadly, Caramello Koala disappeared sometime between the capturing of this photograph and the delivering of the gift. It's a total mystery and I guess we'll never really know what happened. o_0

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