Cupid Stoopid

With the 14th of February approaching, how can you show LUV to the planet as well as to your special little dreamboat? All it takes is a little smarts.

Begin with a card. E-Cards from Hallmark are a cute way to let loved ones know you're thinking of them without so much as busting out a postage stamp. For those more romantically entwined, an E-Card simply will not fly. Eco-princess or not, any girl would be smitten to receive a gorgeously vintage card like this from the Earth Greetings range.

When considering flowers, (less considering, more purchasing, please) the key is to 'think local' and know your florist. When it comes to environmental awareness, Sydney's Essence Flowers and Gifts has got it covered. They stock organic, eco-friendly gifts and use recycled materials where possible. Essence also supports community projects such as the Busselton Community Garden.


Tomorrow: CHOCOLATE.

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