Come on baby, light my fire

When choosing candles, it's on good authority that Cupid would always opt for Beeswax. The mainstream alternative to Beeswax is Paraffin. Queen B is an Australian stockist of beeswax candles and explains, 'Paraffin is a petro-chemical by-product which emits a toxic smoke when burned. To make this waxy sludge more 'palatable' it is then bleached (which creates dioxins), processed and then texturised using carcinogenic chemicals.' 

Not so much the stuff of romance then...

Todae stock these creative card & beeswax sets. Some might say, they are the bees knees! (The pajamas of the cat, even.) The card comes with a flat sheet of beeswax inside so the lovers can roll up their own natural beeswax candle together. Think Patrick Swaze, Demi Moore & the pottery wheel in Ghost. It's all about making 'together time' for art and craft, people. Romance: On.

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