Chocolate makes the world go round

What Miss or Mister could dare call themselves your Valentine without coming forward with the good stuff? For chocoholics of the Earth Goddess variety, again, it's about packaging, thinking local and being aware of the company's ethics. Fair Trade is a good place to start.

To be Fair Trade certified, a company must guarantee that suppliers don't use child or slave labour and that workers are paid a fair living wage. Often, Fair Trade certification also involves environmentally sustainable production and harvest practices.

Haigh's chocolate, made in Australia, will you be my Valentine? There's a great Haigh's store on the corner of the Strand Arcade in Sydney. Haigh's is an original signatory to the National Packaging Covenant - an industry initiative to reduce the environmental effects of packaging on the environment. Amongst other practices, they harvest rainwater which is filtered and used to produce steam for indirect cooking processes.

If that, and the amaaaazing chocolate, is not enough, Haigh's are also heavily involved in wildlife conservation and awareness - most notably for Australia's native Bilby - which can be captured in-store in delicious cocoa form.

And look -  here is a bunch of chocolate Murray Cod swimming towards your boyfriend. (Towards, away from, potato, potarto.)

Flowers? Check. Chocolate? Check. Next you'll want to think about mood lighting. Tomorrow.

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