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Hey guys,

Today is just going to be a bit of a week-in-review post, mostly because this doesn't require a whole lot of time or brain power!

After I switched to being self-employed I thought I'd find myself with oodles of time to swiftly and strategically jet through my goals, but to be frank, things are going slower than I envisaged. There's just been a lot happening that's taken me out of my workroom. And the stuff I'm doing in my workroom, takes time. I'm doing my best to reign in the extra-curricular distractions. For one thing, we've just come into the second trimester of preggo-ness (week 13) so the frequency of getting jabbed for blood and other little tests should settle down, for a while.

After a few weeks of trial and error, I've settled settled on my pregnancy fit plan (slash, make-self-feel-better-whilst-increasing-circumference-plan) - yay! I'm going to the gym two mornings a week - one leg day (booooo), one upper body day. I'm swimming at the indoor pool on Wednesdays (which I am LOVING) and rounding up the week with Body Balance on Friday. The instructor is going to start yelling out alternate preggo-lady options as of this week. This is great, however, I'll miss my little hiding position at the back of the room (like I was hoping no one would notice me slowly morphing into a beach ball).

Sweet Tilly Flint-wise, there are still 10 million things on the boil, which has thrown me into a bit of a mental flip. Even so, I just keep writing and checking off my to-do lists, so I know I'm moving forward, even if it's a lot slower than I would have liked. I have to make an effort to focus on one thing at a time.

Lately I've been pondering doing a little STF catering, making old-school treats to set up for dessert tables. Just add that to the list, Alex (what was that about focusing on one thing at a time?!).

This past month I've been freelance editing for the company that I finished up at 5-6 weeks ago, just until my replacement started. I've been working to formalise another business strand (this was already in the master plan) so I can take on more editing work. I'm close to finalising the name and a simple typographical logo. I promised myself I wouldn't spend a crazy amount of time on this, but to make quick and sharp decisions. It seems to be working so far. Freelance editing won't be my staple, so I'm less concerned with creating a perfect brand, so it's coming together pretty easily. My plan is: if I wake up tomorrow and my business name doesn't make me cringe, I'll register it, then bang out a website on Squarespace (fingers crossed it's not too hard).

Pregnancy-wise, I'm feeling pretty good apart from the fatigue, which can be an absolute monster some days, on the back of insomnia. I need to get on top of that somehow - I'm having meltdowns thinking about how to cope with lack of sleep with the baby arrives! Yikes.

On that positive note, I'm going to sign off! Thanks for indulging my rant all the way to the end.

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