Yesterday Lindsay and I were thrilled to share the news with all of our friends and family that we're expecting our first bubba on the 15th February 2018. We've just passed the 12-week mark, having had our first important scan last Thursday morning. It was so incredible to see our little creation moving around on the screen, and we already love him or her so much. All is going well, which we're incredibly grateful for.

Although we've talked about the little bub every day (its nickname has changed as the weeks progress, from Poppyseed to Dino to Mermaid and Kumquat...) we're tried to stay somewhat contained in our excitement til we passed the 12-week mark... just in case. It's a lovely, joyful relief and beautiful time now that we've passed that milestone, and we're looking forward to enjoying the next six months of 'just us' but of course so looking forward to welcoming our son or daughter (with a natural dose of fear thrown in for good measure!).

Here's a little snap of apricot-sized baby, and just one of the little nurseries I let myself steal a snap of when it popped up in my Instagram feed a couple of months ago. x

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