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I'd like to share with you a handy little app that I stumbled upon - it's call Giftster. It's my new BFF.

You know when you see random stuff online or at the shops that you want, but can't quite justify the purchase? But then when your birthday rolls around and your Mum asks if there's anything you'd like, you draw a blank? Well, this is why you have to write this stuff down when you think of it!

Giftster is a wishlist registry that you can use on your phone or on a desktop. It lets you create your wishlish and share with your friends and family.

As you can imagine, this is a lifesaver when it comes to those family members who are tricky to buy for (there is always at least one of those in the family). It also means you don't have to consult with five other family members to figure out who's gonna get Dad the thongs for Father's Day and who's gonna get him the box of worms for his Worm Cafe (actual item from my father's Giftster wishlist).

With this app, you can click 'reserve' if you intend to buy something from someone's list, and then 'purchased' when you buy it. The other people who have access to that person's wishlist can then see what's already been bought. But the owner of the list can't see what's been bought for them. Once you've received an item on your list, you simply delete it.

Now don't get me wrong - I LOVE surprise gifts - both giving, and receiving. It's always special when someone gives you a gift that they thought of themselves, that has 'you' written all over it. Number #1 husband gave me a few things off my wishlist for my birthday, but he also gave me a few surprises - fella knows what's what!

While I'm here, might as well have a shuffle around the ol' interwebs and top up my Giftster. Like I said, I loves me a wishlist!

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1. Door Curtain Cranes - the ultimate necessity - Mr & Mrs Jones
2. Napali Chic candles - just discovered these on the weekend and oh-em-gee - I need them all!
3. Lace Print Slinky - my go-to summer pyjamas (there is surely room for a baby in there?) Peter Alexander 
4. Gold Class tickets - it's been a while between Gold Class sessions. Girl needs to recline, yo.
5. Between Two Worlds, book by Tyler Henry - love this guy
6. Kitchenaid - well, this is the ultimate dream, isn't it?!
7. Letterboard - lust have - Letterfolk
8. Shampoo bar by Lush - I'm so keen to try one of these out and see if I can do away with plastic shampoo bottles
9. Happiest Baby on the Block - because I need to cram for the baby exam! This book has been recommended through a few people - Fishpond
10. Maternity Frill Swimsuit - because this lady is going to be very pregnant this summer! ASOS

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