This (sweltering!) afternoon I wanted to share a little garden project for the special mini people in your life.

This is my Magic Fairy Dust, specifically, it's a tiny bottle filled with a mixture of glitter and cottage garden seeds. Something I might have gone gaga over when I was little, so, I made it a thing.

I wrote out some fairy instructions on mini scrolls...

Find a sunny garden spot
And clear a special row
Sprinkle out your fairy dust
To help your garden grow
A quarter-inch beneath the soil
And watered every day
In two weeks' time
Your fairy friends
Will come to dance and play

You Will Need

  • Mini corked bottles, available from discount/craft stores
  • A packed of seeds (mixed cottage garden is good, and easy to grow)
  • Fine glitter as well as some stars
  • Sparkly ribbon for tying
  • Mini scrolls (DIY - but you can use my poem :)

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