Do you believe in fairies? Sure, why not. When I was in Year 1, my friend Sarah (who is still one of my most special friends) and I bonded (for life) over a fairy game we invented at the start of the year. Recess and lunch, we ran to our special trees in the playground at Bangor Public School and "played fairies". How I would love to magic myself back to 1991 and be a fairy on the tree to witness those games.

So... that just happened.

Last year I made some fairy party bags for Little Bow Thief but haven't gotten around to showing them til now. If you're planning a fairy party, here are some things you might like to include in your party bags...
  • glitter pen
  • fairy stickers 
  • sugar jubes
  • white freckles
  • sherbet lollies
  • plastic wand
You know, all the things that fairies like and need. I tied these into organza bags and fastened a tiny bell to each. You can find all these types of treasures in large discount stores.

A little whimsy from Stephanie Burt's Fairy Tea Party. x

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