On my recent visit to Grafton my cousin Steff and I continued our baking tradition. In the past we've attempted Melon Sago and Mint Patties; this time we decided to try the Raspberry Ripple from Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar book. I had heard a couple of people singing its praises so we were pretty excited to try it. However, the results were less than impressive! After eating our Ripple, certain family members requested Aunty Wendy's leftover cheesecake. Burn. Our Raspberry Ripple split - meaning its layers separated, and it did not, taste good. The section that didn't split was reasonably yummy, but too salty. I wondered what could have gone awry, as we are such talented cooks, generally. That's when I took to the internets and uncovered a whole trove of comments form I Quit Sugerers saying that their Raspberry Ripples had split, too! Methinks this recipe is no match for a Women's Weekly triple tested number.

Make at your peril.


  1. Hi Alexandra,
    Love your posts! Thought I'd just let you know we've been asked a couple of times about coconut oil & rice malt syrup separating when making chocolate so I wrote a post about it which you can find here: http://bit.ly/1rsGTtd. Hope this helps! Julia @ The Sugar Breakup

    1. Thanks Julia - I'll have to check that out - I did enjoy the bits that weren't split! =)