Thank goodness Offspring is back. I loved the premiere of Season 5. I was prepared for it to be a bit depressing... but it wasn't. It was sensitive but still Offspring-funny. Things I loved: The baby montage. And that The fact that Patrick was in the episode. Seriously, thanks Offspring. Billie's new business. That Jimmy's taco business is turning into an empire. That Dr. Lawrence is sticking around and is single. The orgasm party. Everything, I loved everything.

Can you guess what I also love? Nina's rustic-industrial decor. It's a perfect mess. And also, look at this snippet courtesy of (links courtesy of me).

"[Nina & Patrick's house features] products from The Junk Company, Tarlo & Graham and Guy Matthews Vintage Industrial Furniture.
The beautiful print behind the couch in Nina and Patrick's living room is from Rosetta Santucci and the bedlinen in the series is by Nancy Bird, Kip & Co., Ink and Spindle, Uimi, Harvest Textiles and Spacecraft." 

I really like those window panes.

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