This year I set out to explore the exciting world of sugar-free baking, and it's no secret I've come across more doozies than winners, so far. This weekend I decided enough was enough, and took the plunge into the frightening realm of inventive baking, taking one of my favourite cupcake recipes and tweaking it. WELL, guesswat, the results were fantastic!  I bestowed my treats upon guests at a Eurovision gathering on Friday and yesterday's mother's day lunch. And of course, I tasted them myself. I'm pleased. I'll make these again.

To make the fructose-free variety, all you need to do is follow my original recipe (which varies from the original original recipe, pictured below) replacing the white and brown sugar with equal quantities of dextrose (which you can find in the beer brewing section at Big W). You can make a fructose-free icing by playing around with cream cheese, butter and a little dextrose or glucose syrup, or just leave the icing off altogether - they're quite nice plain. Happy cupcaking. x

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