Today I went to the gym. It was my first trip to the gym in a while. For some reason I decided to align my debut with the only class on the timetable with the name BOOT CAMP. But Indooooor Boot Camp. How hard can that be?

I lasted 15 minutes at Indoor Boot Camp til I casually (casually whilst dying) grabbed my water bottle and lunged out the door. 

Errrrrrrm... at gym classes I have attended in the past that involve lifting things, you get to choose the weight you would like to lift. For example, in Pump classes, I knew that when it came to those triceppy lift things, where you lie on your back and lift the bar - could barely lift my empty water bottle thanks very much. But that was okay, because even lifting that 25g was exercise to my pathetic triceps. But no, this boot camp woman today informed everyone we would be lifting 10kg from the outset... eh scuzy? (Sorrynotsorry to people who do CrossFit, that is A LOT to me.) Errrr so yeah I attended camp for 15 wonderful minutes til I felt dizzy and sick. I pulled on my invisibility cloak and decided that the humiliation of creeping out the door would be less severe than the humiliation of projectiling after 16 minutes of class. 

So then I went over to the loser section and did 20 minutes on the crosstrainer, where nobody can really tell the degree of effort you are actually dispensing.

But whatever, I've done Boot Camp. This will be like that time I did a half marathon. And the time I did the Mud Run. They have been done. They do not need to be done again. Let's just file them under the Bucket List of Torture. Although I must mention that I did actually complete the other two.

The other thing I've just discovered, as a woman who is in between jobs, is this great show on the Extra channel at 9am called Move It or Lose It. See, you don't get to know these things when you have a job. The title is a little bold, I think, because for the past few days it's just been Pilates and yoga. And let's be honest, half of yoga class is napping while the instructor explains the pose in detail because they love their voice, and a fair chunk involves the Cat and Child's Pose. Very strenuous. On Monday I watched Pilates whilst lounging back and drinking my breakfast smoothie. Yesterday, though, I unrolled my yoga mat from hibernation and had my own personal studio session. Actually, I think it was an okay workout - I woke up this morning aware of the presence of abbadabbas. Although... I suppose this is from the lady who retreated after 15 minutes of Boot Camp.

And to think my boyfriend suggested I join CrossFit! He's dreamin'.


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