I'm really enjoying food at the moment, but in a different way to the ham/pudding/shortbread/chocolate fest that was Christmas. It's nice to just get back into eating normally in January and replacing the treats that make you feel festive with the treats that make you feel healthy from the inside out. Plus a few little yummy morsels on the side. My instagram feed says I've really been enjoying food this week...

This morning's breakfast. Mixed berry protein smoothie. Blend the milk of your choice, water, frozen mixed berries, oats, protein powder, flax seeds, cinnamon and natural yoghurt.

This mango tree. Has been standing out the front of Mum & Dad's house for about 10 years without any action and then BAM - there's now enough fruit to fill a few crates. Might have to pop a few in my boxes (moving this weekend!)

A post popped up on Instagram raving about the detoxifying and cleansing properties of hot water with lemon. So I tried it. I really enjoyed this refreshing start to the morning. I don't really know how effective it is, but it tasted cleansing at least :)

Oh hello. Remember my new year resolution to not buy chocolate? It's going well. I haven't bought any chocolate but I've still sampled a few morsels, in keeping with my rule: I can accept, but I can't buy. My Mum looks after the Darrell Lea range at the pharmacy she works at, and she broke open a sample pack of the Australia Day Rocklea Road for the girls in the shop when she and I were walking past on the weekend. Of course we took a little sample for ourselves. Banana and lime might sound like a strange combo for rocky road - but it really is delish!

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