Alright - let's do this 2014!

I love the concept of new years resolutions. Yes it's just a new day, but it really does feel like the turning of a new leaf and it's the perfect time to look at your aspirations and how you can set yourself up to reach them. 

A few years ago I started a New Years resolutions time capsule. I took a big brown envelope from Typo, and at the beginning of every new year I write a page about the past year and my new resolutions moving forward. It's really interesting to read back on where I was at, and to read the resolutions and see what I was able to achieve (and what I totally forgot about as soon as I wrote it). I ticked off some big ones last year but needless to say there were a few that are going back into rotation again. I'm okay with that.

I already know that 2014 is going to be HUGELY different. For one thing, I am moving cities, from Sydney to Wollongong, to live with my boyfriend, and leaving my job in publishing/events to go back to uni to study primary teaching. Full scale changes!

I have a few resolutions for the new year; they include working harder to leave negativity at the door, improving my health and fitness (standard resolutions) and also looking at getting involved in some kind of performance activity... something I haven't done for years and that I still miss. But I have two food-related resolutions that I think are a little more interesting for the purpose of this blog... 

1. Sugar-free baking in 2014! I love baking. I do a fair bit of it. I have a few sugar-free baking cookbooks but I've barely even looked at them, because every time there's an occasion to bake I think, well, if I'm going to make it, may as well make it properly? But I want to give the sugar-free recipes a fighting chance, and I feel the only way to do that is to resolve to shelve the old favourites for a year and dabble in the healthier varieties. I am really enthused about this resolution and looking forward to sharing my experiments on here!

5. No purchasing of chocolate. I can accept it from others but I don't want to buy it myself. This should make the concept of Easter an actual novelty for the first time in ten years!

I hope you've set up some good resolutions for yourself. To 2014: may it be happy, healthy, adventurous and full of love and laughter. x

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