This morning I woke up with a minor case of dusty hangover head, and a healthy smoothie or eggs on toast just weren't going to cut it. I wanted pancakes. But I'm also on the health wagon and I've declared to the world that 2014 is the year of sugar-free baking. So, I thought to myself, I'm gunna wanna have a trusty sugar-free pancake recipe at hand. Correct? I googled for the least sinful recipe I could find and found one using wholemeal flour and not a grain of sugar or any form of sweetener. Sounds yummy right? Totally. We ate the pancakes, but only after we'd given them a generous slosh of maple syrup to mask everything about them. Don't let the picture fool you. These wholemeal pancakes tasted like moist corrugated cardboard patties. So I'm not going to be sharing the recipe with you. The previous time that I attempted "healthy" pancakes was with a recipe using dextrose instead of sugar. They were okay but they left a weird feeling in my mouth, kinda like I'd just brushed my teeth with baking powder. Delicious! After chowing down on our fibrous flapjacks this morning I asked Lindsay whether he thought, if you felt like a pancake whether it was worth trying to make a healthy one or whether you should just go eat a real pancake. We decided it was probably better to just eat a proper yummy pancake and satisfy the urge. But like, eat *one*; don't have an hour-long shaker pancake session (my brother and I used to do this every weekend when we were kids... come back, 10-year-old matabolisms!). So guys. Not a fabulous start to my sugar-free baking adventures but the fails are all part of the experiment. In general I am a little skeptical of healthy variations of treaty things because they usually taste LIKE SHIT inferior, but the whole point of this experiment is to find things that are worth eating, not things that you don't want to own up to having made. I haven't given up hope on the pancake situation just yet, so if anyone knows of a good recipe please let me know!

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