i made this special edition, lovehearts rocky road, for my valentine. < 3  [i realise the irony of making sugary treats for others while i'm not eating it myself... i guess not eating them is one thing, but i'm still pretty attached to making them! let's just put this down to a special treat...]

i used pink and white marshmallows, cadbury milk chocolate and milky bar, cherry ripes (3), strawberry licorice and love hearts sprinkles. i lined a slice tin with baking paper, scattered the bottom of the tin with pink marshmallows and then poured the melted white chocolate over that, then set in the fridge. i melted the milk chocolate then stirred in the chopped strawberry licorice, cherry ripes and torn up white marshmallow. pressed firmly into the tin and then sprinkled with hearts. set it in a white box and tied with a red ribbon. had one happy valentine.

And I was spoilt with 12 red roses :)

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