Today marks three weeks since I started 'I Quit Sugar'.

I'm writing from my phone, from my hotel room in the city. I've been here for the best part of the last week with work. I won't have access to my laptop til later this week so I decided to post this update on the fly (I might pretty it up later).

Since I don't have the IQS book with me at the hotel, I'll have to skip the Week 3 chapter summary; this will just be about my experience of the past week.

In case you can't tell, I'm procrastinating... there has been an unfortunate mishap this week.

Things have not been all bad. I'm away from home 3-4 times a year with work, for 5-8 nights duration each time. The bad food is abundant on-site; if it's not the hotel brekkies, it's the permanent supply of lollies, chips and chocolates at customer service, the dinners and canap├ęs at cocktail parties, the hotel room service or the muffins, cakes and brownies that you can pick up "for free" (company-paid) on site. It can be so easy to go nuts, particularly when you're away from home, your family, and your normal routine.

In terms of regular, non-sugar eating, it's been a horrendous week. I feel kinda unhealthy and gross, and can't wait to go back to regular, good ol' home-made food. I can't completely blame my location though. I snacked on Cheezels because I wasn't prepared, and I'm terrible at ordering the healthy options on a menu. I know that the Beetroot Salad is healthier than the Chicken Burger and Chips. My mouth just doesn't understand the concept of saying "salad please". Need to work on that.

Time to talk sugar. I went to a wedding on the weekend and I actually passed up the profiteroles, but it wasn't hard. I didn't feel cheated. I didn't touch the lollies, chocolates (Caramello Koalas, my favourite) soft drinks, juice, Coco Pops, muffins, etc. on site. Even though I wanted to at times.

However, and, it's a whopping great big stinking however, I veered/catapulted completely off course on Monday night. We had been out for a cocktail party where a few champagnes had been consumed. My senses were a bit skewed and my hotel room was bit empty. The previous night I'd had a very strong and specific craving for a Caramel Crunch McFlurry. I talked myself out of that. But after those drinks, my resolve dissolved aaaaand I may have had a McFlurry plus a stupid Cadbury number (it was a bar, not a Family Block - does that count for anything?)

I actually slapped myself. Not at all worth it. I was going so well, and was so determined to make the eight weeks. I was so angry and disappointed in the morning. Still am.

However. No point dwelling on the negative. Almost three weeks without sugar is major, for me. Today I got right back on track, determined not to throw in the towel just because of a slip up. I like the analogy of a car that reverses into a pole. (So eloquent, I know.) Just because you reverse the car into a pole and do a bit of damage, there's no need to keep reversing over and over and making the damage worse. Just drive forwards, leave it as a tiny ding rather than writing the whole thing off.

Starting Week 4, just as enthused. My goal remains to replace some unhealthy habits with healthier ones. I just have to keep practising!

Week 4 update next Wednesday.

Edit: Sarah Wilson says this about boo-boos: "If you do lapse - say you sneak honey in your tea or pick at a friend's birthday cake (uh... sure, why not?) - don't fret and don't give up. It's fine. Tomorrow is a new day. Just keep your intention on track. 

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