Zooey Deschanel, New Girl. Not integral to the story, but a pretty pic all the same.

If you'd asked me last week how the new job was going I might have given you a little squeak in the way of a reply. Being the new kid on the block is tough work. Not only do you feel a bit out of place for those first few days, you literally feel as though you don't belong there, I mean, like you have breached security by coming and sitting at "your" desk. When I've started new jobs in the past I've often been lucky to start on the same day as other newbies. Fellow newbies are like instant work besties, a most excellent asset to have. Well, no such luck for me, the singular newb, but that's okay. Much as I do miss my old work buddies, I'm doing pretty well. 

Did a little desk rearrangement today. If you know me at all you could guess that my desk decor doesn't end with the complementary stapler and sticky tape dispenser. On the contrary, much thought goes into the styling of one's desk space. There are rules, though. When you first start at a new company, you have to allow a cooling off period before you can start throwing out the last person's leftover crap, and then you can steadily commence updating the stationery wardrobe. Imagine if I turned up on Day One with a potplant, my family snaps and a box full of stuff from Typo. Much as I would love to do that, I'm still in that cooling off period. I cleared some space today, but as it stands, the only element of my individual flair comes in the form of the fluro pink Post-It notes I brought from home.

Little do they know that amid spreadsheets and flat plans, PDFs and pagination, yada yada yada, I steal myself for a few seconds to think about all the bits of stuff that are slowly but surely going to make their way into my little nook. You spend 35 hours a week somewhere, you're gonna wanna have something else to look at besides computer cables and deadline sheets!

And that is where TYPO comes in...
Push It Real Good, Push Pins

Flip Clock (because PC clocks are so run-of-the-mill)

I really don't

Daily Shi*t Planner

Heart Pins

Nerd Glasses (promotion, here I come)

Lucky Lantern (too much?)

And over at Kikki K...

Desk Calendar

Sundae Pink Notebook

Cutie Patooty Photocards (to frame my nieces' pretty heads)


  1. Love and I mean LOVE that flip clock.

  2. It's amazing isn't it? I still haven't made it to Typo, I hope they don't run out!