I have baked some shockers in my time. The worst I think was the Banoffee Pie of 2010. I'd overcooked the caramel, so what was supposed to be a silky smooth and soft filling turned out to have the consistency of a Werther's Original. It was like a cement pie. 

Kitchen failures are inevitable and I had one of those this morning. I made some Chewy Chocolate Cookies using the strangest biscuit recipe I've seen. No flour, butter or sugar; the bulk consisted of icing sugar and chopped walnuts. Failure #1: they stuck to the baking paper. The entire function of baking paper is to stop things from sticking to oven trays, so not too sure what the go is there. Failure #2: Not really a cookie, more like a fudgey glob.

I thought I'd hit the jackpot as I ended up with a bowl of leftover Reece's Pieces. But the problem is that they look like M&Ms but are lacking the magic serotonin ingredient. Reece can keep his pieces. 

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  1. that recipe sounds so odd! And such a shame about the wasted reeces pieces - I think I would have picked them out and eaten them off the biscuit. remember the night we drunkenly bought some in kings cross and ate them in the line for world bar? and we were so confused that they didn't have any chocolate in them?t hey were still delicious and possibly the best part of our night - although there were free slushies...