A classic knees-in-photo shot

Had a lovely day at the Sydney Royal Easter Show yesterday. I love how they drive the award-winning pigs around the showground in a victory lap. Just thought I would share that. Saw Dr. Harry in the morning. And the sheepdog demonstration was a definite highlight. Made me want to quit my job and go be a sheepdog trainer. Did I mention I have over 400 emails at work to attend to? Probably 500 by tomorrow. It's not fun. Turns out I've started at the company's busiest time of year. I spent most of Friday in a (well-masked) panic. As grateful as I am for this job, at the end of the day it's not my destiny to be sat behind a desk. Maybe a few more years, then I'd like to say goodbye to the office world. I'm good at my job, but want to find something I'm good at and that I love. And be as excited as Buck the Sheepdog is to turn up to work.

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Back to the show. No showbags for me, but a couple of other cool little finds. First up, Alpine Berry Farm, home made jams and spreads. Yuurrrrrrrm. I bought the Dewberry Jam, on account of curiosity. Still have no idea what a dewberry is, but the jam is most de-lish.

I also found these swell Pipduck gumboots, perfect for socialising in the rain. Gumboots with pink lining you say? Otherwise known as the perfect unnecessary must-have. 

I haven't been to the Easter Show for a few years (I worked there for 5 years, back in the day, in the showbag pavilion... so I've been to the show about 60 times) and was so excited to see what they've done with the petting nursery. Chookies and lambs and goats just wandering about and free for patting. I was patting this teeny lamb and he let out a bleet, it was the cutest thing ever in the world, he nearly ended up in my backback. Also saw a chicken peeping its beak out of a crack in an egg. Amazing. Well done, Easter Show!

And here are just a couple of random photos from a little at-home lazy family Sunday lunch, with pomegranate champagne. 

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