In my humble opinion? Wait til it comes out on TV and order some Indian takeaway. A side of butter chicken would probably provide more of an enriching experience!

A slew of mostly positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes led me to tag along with the parentals to see this flick. Our general consensus was that it was "a bit slow, okay, not great" (though they gave slightly more generous scores of 5 and 6). Unfortunately the only good one-liners in this movie were used up in the trailer, and the plot didn't go much deeper than that. There were multiple story lines and themes going on, but they all felt surface deep. It did invite a few giggles, but there were also quite a few moments were I knew I was supposed to laugh, but it didn't quite happen, which is a bit awkward. There wasn't a character in this movie who I really liked. Their character traits felt forced, especially in the humour stakes. The "all star cast" is irrelevant when all of the characters are irritating. Redeeming features of the movie included a bit of a glimpse into Indian culture, although not having been there I couldn't really say. Not quite a "kill me now" movie, but personally, I couldn't recommend it either!

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