I have a problem when it comes to storing my jewellery. I don't remember this being a situation in my younger years, when my collection was contained in a musical box with a wonky little ballerina. But these days I cannot pass Lovisa without purchasing all of the things. So what to do with all these beads and bangles and bits of string with birdie baubles? A couple of years ago I built myself a jewellery tree. I loved the tree! It didn't survive my move, though. Having moved again six months ago, I currently have the SADDEST jewellery storage situation in the form of a couple of white gift boxes from the $2 shop. I tend to just chuck all my stuff in there and it's a tangled blob. Many of the jewellery pieces are pretty and unique and will only be worn once in a blue moon, but they are little works of art, and it's a shame to have them hidden away. I must resolve this situation post-haste.

Here are my favourite ideas, lifted directly and GRATEFULLY from Brit + Co (I have done absolutely no work here - thank you Brit + Co!). I love that you can mix and match a couple of ideas - something leaning, something hanging, something sitting. For detailed instructions on how to make any of these, click through to the link. I'll be sure to come back to show you how I've fixed my situation.

How do you store your jewellery, or is it a catastrophe like mine?

I love this geometric design, made using a plank of wood, acrylic paint and tape.The great thing is that you can lean it up against the wall and it doubles as art. Of all these options, it will probably invite the least objection from any male species you may share a room with.

Dream catchers! A great idea for displaying those delicate dangly numbers that you wear only occasionally. It's a shame I'm not really a dangly earring wearer, though... this makes me want to convert!

I'm pretty sure this is an antler, but if you can't get hold of one of those you could shop around in the wilderness for a flamboyant stick. There are lots of sticks out there just waiting to be picked up and turned into jewellery displays, trust me. I like the distressed white paint and gold tips.

This one was made using an old frame found at an antique store, with some chicken wire stapled to the back. I like that it could be used to hang sunnies, headbands and scarves as well as necklaces and things. It's probably a little too shabby chic for what I'm thinking, but a cool idea if you can find a suitable frame.

Oooh! I must have a thing for sticks, because I really love this. It would look cool using one or two accent colours and a metallic paint for the stripes.

Loving the colour combo on this rack, and the fact that you can use the top edge of the wood as a teeny tiny display - us girls always have teeny tiny things to display. The hooks were made using dowel, but at first glance I thought they were wine corks. That would actually be an easier solution if you didn't want to muck around with power tools - corks and super glue. Love this for necklaces, scarves, even a beret or small hanging clutches.

I don't think this one will make my short list, but I had to use it as the use of different hooks is interesting. You could go nuts using spray paint in your chosen colours. I do like that this one is strong enough to hold a brolly, and the key is a good idea too. It would work well in a studio flat type set-up.

Props for clever use of copper bathroom hardware.

Made using an old crate and wooden cotton reels, I like the multi-functionality of this one, with the hanging space, the trays at the bottom for odds and ends, and the space on top for those random things. Not quite into the paint colour or the labels on the boxes, but easy enough to personalise.

I love this! I think I would struggle to make it work in a boy/girl space but it could be something fun to have in a girl-only space or an office. Made using toy animals... chopped in half.

The humble stick and twine. Simple, but effective. 

This clever little number at first sight might appear to be a lamp, but it was actually made using a chunky candle-holder base with a utensil holder stuck on top ("Oh, yeaaaah!") and the addition of a few plastic hooks around the rim. Perhaps a little too mod' for me, but respect all the same.

This is love. This is one of those things that, even though you know is childish, you just don't care! It's like the mittens that look like animals that I can't not buy. It's just the way it is, don't fight it! These are plastic dino/mammoths that have been painted in beautiful colours and bejazzled because diamantes. I simply must make these.

Any faves?

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