Gosh, damn, I love Offspring.

But what just happened? So there I was, casually watching, when at the last moment my boyfriend dropped a bombshell. He, by the way, likes Offspring, but refuses to admit it. He watches it because it's on, because them's the house rules, but last week he lolled twice (during kiss chasey) and this week he put his phone away to make eye contact with the TV. Addict - I think so. Anyway, my boyfriend, lover of Offspring, told me during the last few minutes of last night's episode that he'd heard (using his keen Offspring ears) that the producers didn't know if there was going to be another season.


Here is an opinion on the matter.

But, okay, let's take stock. If I had known this before, I would have been a wreck for the whole episode. Instead, it began to wrap and I thought, "Hmm, this is all suspiciously perfect", which is when Lindsay dropped that bomb. After initial shock and devastation, I thought about it and yeah, actually, let's end it here. Executive decision. Everything is nice. Everything is good. Everything is promising. And I enjoyed it all without the angst of knowing it was the last episode ever.

I don't know what I will do without it (how good are Wednesdays, at that moment you remember Offspring is on?). I'd be happy for them to wrap it up here, but if they come back with another season, of course that will be great as well. I'll be needing the box set of course, but not til it's official. What do you think? Wrap it up or is there more to come?

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  1. Me too! I want it to finish there. You know how much I adore the show, but I can only foresee them covering the same old ground... breaking up Nina and Leo before they get back together again etc... Nice for it to end at a spot when you want more but know you've probably had just enough :)