I just finished Scandalands, the autobiography of radio DJ, Kyle Sandilands. Sometimes after I read a heavy book (in this case, Kokoda) I just want to pick up a piece of fluff that I can flick through, and this fit the bill. And of course, I can't deny I was a little interested.

The likability, or otherwise, of Kyle is obviously not a matter or life and death, but while I'm on the subject... I always quite liked Kyle. Without over-analysing the man, I find that he has a quick-wit, of sorts, an honest approach, and that he is entertaining. Unfortunately, I found his book to be a bit on the insecure/pompous side... like he was just trying too hard to convince us that he's a good guy. The parts where he described his sex life were particularly cringe worthy. Honesty is one thing... but a bit of modesty wouldn't go astray.

I did enjoy learning about the progression of his career from humble beginnings. He worked hard to carve out his career and achieved what he set his sights on. I found it  interesting to read that during his year of being homeless on the streets at 15 years of age he would rip out pictures of things from magazines and newspapers that he found 'beautiful' (homes, possessions, etc) and keep these pictures in a pencil case. I couldn't help drawing a parallel with a 'dream board', where you pin up pictures representing your hopes and dreams. The idea is that by visualising and bringing these things into consciousness, you pave the way for the thought process to bring them into your life. I found it intriguing that Kyle, from his dirty cardboard box home on the street, unknowingly visualised the elaborate lifestyle that he would one day have. Perhaps a little bit of a deep assessment for this book, but I found that side of the story much more interesting than the tales of Kyle's debauchery and slip ups.

I wouldn't personally recommend this one...  but my Mum and colleague read this copy before me (I love a good book share!) and both liked it... I guess you'll read it if you're interested enough!

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