When I said I was struggling through Kokoda, I wasn't exaggerating; I actually took a break while reading it to see what David Gillespie had to tell us in his third book, Big Fat Lies. Gillespie's first two books, Sweet Poison and the Sweet Poison Quit Plan zeroed in on the evils of sugar consumption, while his third release looks at the perils of polyunsaturated fats, as well. In a nutshell:
'Diets and exercise won't help us lose weight. Vitamins and minerals are a waste of money and sometimes downright dangerous. Sugar makes us fat and sick. And polyunsaturated fat gives us cancer and works with sugar to give us heart disease. This book exists because I desperately hope that with a little knowledge we can all vote with our feet and change the rules of the game before the game kills us.'
I really appreciate reading Gillespie's no-nonsense approach. Unfortunately, this was probably the least 'grabbing' of the three books, and if you're interested in reading any of them, I would vouch for the second one. Big Fat Lies does have some important information to convey, but is a little more of a dry read.

Have these books caused me to give up sugar and polyunsaturated fats? No, silly, but I'm making some progress with a few more cut backs. In time I do hope to be able to kick the habits in a more convincing way... he makes some very good arguments, does Gillespie. Unfortunately, I've just consumed a piece of cheesecake for someone's birthday and it was absolutely devine. Not helping, cheesecake.

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