This year was my first experience of dating a moustached individual. Lindsay does Movember every single year so, as tempting as it might have been on the 31st of October to say, 'See ya in December mate', I thought I'd better just put on a brave face and strap myself in for a month of seedy male. The first time I saw him in November was after a full week of growth (if that sounds disgusting, that's because it is). I walked into his flat, took a look, walked away to gather my thoughts, then returned to make my brave and trepidatious approach. The Mo continued to grow and it did not become any more enticing.
The one redeeming feature of this frightening time was that Lindsay hosted a Movember morning tea at work and wanted to do a bit of baking. We found a mo-shaped cutter at Typo and whipped up these spectactular iced biscuits.

It's always hard not to eat the mixture, even if they are moustaches.

Never have I ever cooked while drinking beer. Beer in a stubby holder.
Would you like to have your moustache and eat it, too? All you need is a basic sweet pastry recipe, a rolling pin and some cutters. You can find my pastry recipe here.
Extra Notes: After you've mixed the dough and rolled it in a big ball, scatter some extra self-raising flour on a clean bench and roll out the mixture to around 3mm thickness with a rolling pin. To make the glossy icing, mix approx 1.5 cups icing sugar with about 1/2 tablespoon of butter and 1-2 tablespoons of milk... adjust as necessary to get a good spreading consistency. 

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